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Introduction to Garden History Studies

Port Lympe 

GARDEN HISTORY encapsulates a fascinating amalgam of art, architectural, landscape, social, literary and horticultural history as well as archaeology and the evolution of garden design. The Birkbeck Garden History Group (BGHG) wants to encourage the study of garden history by introducing the subject to people who have not been involved in it previously, although they may have an interest in one or more of the disciplines mentioned above.

Garden History studies range from a wide variety of one-off lectures or talks through 1-3 day courses or weekly sessions over 6-10 weeks, to full or part-time courses at academic institutions over 1 -2 years. Most are currently being delivered online due to ongoing pandemic restrictions.

Lectures and Talks

A wide range of organisations offer programmes of lectures or talks. These may be one-off topics or a series of themed lectures, often with the option to book the series or just single lectures. Details will be found on our Lectures and Talks page

Such organisations include:

  • Institute of Historical Research, University of London: History of Gardens and Landscapes Seminars
  • The Gardens Trust
  • County Gardens Trusts
  • Denman College
  • The Garden Museum, London
  • The Georgian Group
  • RHS Lindley Library
  • University of Cambridge Botanic Gardens

Courses include 1-day or weekend courses, short courses over a few weeks, to those lasting one or more academic terms.   Amongst current providers are: 

  • City Literary Institute – an adult education provider based in Covent Garden, London
  • Cambridge University Department of Continuing Education
  • University of Cardiff Part-time courses for Adults
  • Oxford of University Department of Continuing Education
  • RHS Lindley Library
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh
  • The Garden Historians – based in Hampstead, London
  • The Gardens Trust
  • University of Cambridge Botanic Garden
  • Learning with the Experts
  • ACS Distance Education

Courses run by all these bodies can be found on our Courses pages. Other providers may also be featured from time to time as information becomes available.

Exhibitions, Conferences, Walks and Events  

Organisations offering periodic exhibitions relating to garden history include:

  • The Garden Museum
  • RHS Lindley Library

whilst garden history related walks are organised from time to time by:

  • London Gardens Trust
  • Museum of Walking 
  • Camden Highline 

  Other events, such as one-off conferences and online 'virtual' events are also to be found at Exhibitions, Conferences, Walks and Events 

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