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Upton Wold

Historic Buildings, Parks and Gardens (HBPG)

Tuesday, 14 November 2023 from 09.00 -17.00

Venue: The QEII Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster London, SW1P 3EE 

This event is held annually in parallel with the Historic Houses AGM and is free to attend. This year the event marks the start of 50th anniversary celebrations for Historic Houses. The HBPG exhibition comprises over 70 stands (including a London Parks and Gardens/Gardens Trust stand), alongside with Historic Houses 50th anniversary celebrations, short talks, live demonstrations, and opportunities to meet and seek advice from  a variety of experts. Register for the event 

Gardens Trust 13th annual New Research Symposium - Saturday 25 November from 5pm to 7pm online.

Tickets are FREE and give access to four short talks from international researchers, on the garden conservation of Mouton’s les Jardins in Lafayette, Louisiana; bucolic imagery in Polish theatre design in the eighteenth century; Luther Burbank and his Santa Rosa ‘garden of invention’; and an exploration of the work of 'the first teacher of landscape architecture in China’, Sun Xiaoxiang.  Register for this event

Gardens Trust London Round Table - Why Garden History?

Monday 29 January 2024 at The Gallery, 75, Cowcross Street or online. A panel of historians, landscape architects and conservation and heritage professionals will highlight the inter-connections between research and conservation.

For further details and to register for this event 

Secret Gardens, Hidden Churches - Saturday 9 December at 11.00 

'Many of the most interesting sites in the City (of London) are somewhat tucked away and often quite small. While the City does not have big parks like those further west it does have c.250 open and green spaces: many created by the destruction of the Great Fire and the Blitz.  A walking tour for those interested in discovering the history, sites and buildings of the City of London'. Book via Eventbrite

Guided walks of Willesden Jewish Cemetery

The only Jewish cemetery registered as a Park or Garden of Special Historic Interest, Willesden is a remarkable survival, telling the stories of the first ethnic minority to settle in Britain in modern times.   Dates currently available for booking include:; Sundays 26 November, 17 December 2023; and  7 January 2024, all at 11.00am.. 

Booking is via Eventbrite



RHS/Gardens Trust online exhibition:

The Bicycle Boys - An Unforgettable Garden Tour 

This new exhibtion is based on a bicyle tour around the UK undertaken by two young Americans in June 1928. Based on their journal which charts their progress and what they saw it offers a spotlight on over 80 Unforgettable Gardens as experienced in the 1920 in contrast with what visitors see today.    View the exhibition here.






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